Theanine Co., Ltd.

Theanine Co., Ltd.

Theanine Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010. Our goal is to help people discover and enjoy matcha (powdered green tea) as a casual and healthy drink, and to promote the custom of drinking matcha across the world.

Making matcha an everyday drink

It is said that there is a matcha boom in many parts of the world, but not many people drink matcha, they mainly eat matcha sweets. We would like to spread the custom of drinking Uji’s hand-picked matcha, which is delicious and full of flavor. We hope to dispel the feeling that matcha is very expensive and introduce matcha into our daily lives like other kinds of tea and coffee.

Thoughts on Matcha

Because matcha is made from whole tea leaves, it contains more nutrients than other green teas. Theanine, the name of the company, is one of them. It also contains many vitamins. We want people to drink matcha every day, which is also good for their health, so we will continue to properly communicate the taste and health benefits of matcha.

Theanine Co., Ltd.

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